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Mi Smart Water Purifier:

This is one of the wide range of water purifiers which it works like a smart. That can be accessed through the mi home app includes checking water levels inside the purifier. The fifth stage of filtration happens insides the 7-liter water tank that features a UV lamp. This is one of the wide range of water purifiers which it works like a smart. Add the current world everyone can do their works smartly so that Mi thinks forward to reach people’s thoughts smartly. They introduced smart water purifier, which we can operate through our smart mobile, it works smarty & safe & as well as conveniently. the Mi Water Purifier allows easy and fast change of filters. There’s no fixed maintenance cost of any kind and users can change the filters themselves.

Water Purifier

The Mi Water Purifier also features in-built Wi-Fi, which allows users to connect to it using the Mi Home app. It has passed all the necessary tests and regulations impose by IS (Indian Standards) It has passed all the necessary tests and regulations impose by IS (Indian Standards) Mi smart water purifier will allow users to very easily change the water filters, claiming the purifier to be India first with DIY filter replacement. Smarter living 2020 event,xiaomi took the wraps off a brand new product category, read on to find out everything on the new xiaomi smart water purifier. In line with the teasers, the product is a smart water purifier. At reach people’s thoughts smartly.

Smart water purifier


The pp cotton filter removes chlorine, harmful substances, odor, and other large matters.

  • Penta purification process
  • In-Tank UV sterilization
  • DIY filter replacement
  • Smart App connectivity
  • Easy to clean
  • 7-liter capacity
  • Real-Time TDS monitoring
  • Auto water level detector
  • Wall-mounted


It provides quality drinking water which passes through 5 stages of purification.

the Mi Water Purifier allows easy and fast change of filters. There’s no fixed maintenance cost of any kind, and users can change the filters themselves.

Mi Purification Process

Stage1&2=PPC Filter (Polypropylene cotton + Activated carbon)  It intercepts large and visible particles and deeply absorbs residual chlorine, color, odor, organic matter and other harmful substances in water

Stage 3= RO filter(Reverse Osmosis filter) It effectively filters out heavy metals, bacteria, scales, organic matter, and other impurities with precision up to 0.0001 micron

Stage 4= PAC filter (Post activated Carbon filter)

Stage 5= In-Tank UV sterilization Kills bacteria with 99.99% efficiency

purifier full-vie


  1. Dimensions: 30cm*20.7cm*52.3cm
  2. Model: MRB13
  3. Scope of use: Local tap water
  4. Water Temperature: 50C to 380C
  5. Wi-Fi Connection: Yes
  6. TDS Reduction: Up to 90%
  7. Input Water condition:
  8. Water pressure: 0.03-0.4MPa
  9. TDS:  <2000mg/L
  10. Hardness: <500mg/L
  11. Turbidity: <10NTU
  12. Chlorine: <1mg/L
  13. pH range: 6.5-8.5
  14. Iron Content: <0.3mg/L
  15. Voltage: 220-240v~
  16. Frequency: 50Hz
  17. Rated Power: 42W
  18. Anti-shock Protection Type: Class II
  19. Net Weight: 6.7kg
  • India’s first smart water purifier with DIY filter replacement
  • One-touch smart app connectivity, by this you can know the health of the water you consume
  • This water purifier will make your way smart & makes life easier by allowing you to track real-time TDS levels, filter life and the volume of purified water
  • It purifies approx. 10 barrels of water per day
  • This smart water purifier will convert undrinkable water into safe consumable water


  • Mi smart water Purifier comes with a 7-liter tank
  • Its sports a minimalistic design is the size of an A4 Sheet
  • Mi motion-activated night light 2 is priced at Rs 500.


The purifier will go on sale from Sep 29 at 12 pm. The filter will be available for INR 3,997 for the complete set.

Warranty Smart Water Purifier and filters:

  • water purifier: 1 year covers manufacturing-related defects
  • Filter(PPC/RO/PAC) : No warranty
  • Pre-filter: No warranty
  • Spun filter: No warranty
  • 3-way value: No warranty

The Filters be replaced?

Filter life depends on input water quality and drinking water. Below is the average life of all the filters as provided by Mi

  • PPC filter: UP to 1 years or 10,000 liters of tap water
  • RO filter:36,000 liters of Pure water
  • PAC filter: 36,000 liters of Pure water or UP to 1 years

Pre-filter provided with MI smart water purifier:

Mi Smart water purifier does not come with any prefilter, especially in the case of groundwater. You can buy the prefilter at extra cost during installation or after installation by calling their customer support. Xiaomi that started as a smartphone brand has been actively bringing in more smart devices in the country. After disrupting the air purifier marker followed by television and smart security cameras the company has now ventured in the water purifier segment, The cost of prefilter value is as given below.

  • Mi prefilter Housing: Rs500
  • MI Spun Filter: Rs149


In addition, the xiaomi mi water purifier lentils support the kitchen- type installation and come with a separate faucet which can be installed free of charge, of course, this is exclusive to china.the water production efficiency to wastewater ratio is 1:1 meaning none of the water is wasted. Add water output rate is 1.3L min, and so with a 3L tank, the gadget can release drinking water. The total daily water production is about 47 cans which can meet the daily needs of a home of around 3 to 5 persons.   

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